Progressive Women Silicon Valley

We are a transformative political organization founded and led by women in Silicon Valley.  Our mission is to advance women’s causes on local, national, and international levels. We support EMILY’S List, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, and Organizing for Action.  

By leveraging resources, our impact is exponential.

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 Upcoming Events!!


September 29, 2014:




When:  September 29, 2014

Time:  5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Where:  Portola Valley

Contribution Levels:  Sponsor - $500, Supporter - $250, Guest - $100

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Past Events:

May 5, 2014:



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March 17, 2014:




Reception and Dinner with Texas State Senator & Candidate for Governor 

Wendy R. Davis

1899991_1411977692395304_1550622968_n.jpg Eshoo_WD_Joann_Reception.jpgTX_Purlpe.jpg WD_Dinner_Pic.jpg  Jennie_Laue_WD_Dinner.jpg Dorothy_Kevin_WD_Dinner.jpg Couple_WD_Dinner.jpg 1185685_1412728545653552_1616569228_n.jpg


February 19, 2014: 


Reception with US Senator Jeanne Shaheen